.Indra the web
connected consciousness
all of us
waves rising
tides receding
back to the ocean
barely measuring
on spectrographs
recording timE

.the world is
a trip while seen
through the eyes
of a lifetimE

eyes of a child
hands of a man
one day see difference
in those that grew
with us
getting sick
growing old
finally dyinG

.& we experience
till one day
the world changed
& the past fell
far behinD

.no longer a fix
to merely exisT

.you are who
you make yoU



The days of snowflakes
pretty flowers are over.

We are products of concrete,
chemical toxins,
60-second commercials,
& capitalism.

We watched human beings disintegrate
off this earth
for the sake of procuring
a few gallons of oil.

Robert Frost doesn/t belong here.

You better learn to crawl
act accordingly.



As his lips drag across her skin
 Stealing her breath so he can live
Dying to destroy
Something beautiful
Apocryphal love gospel
Let the book burning begin
He starts the sparks
She fans the flame
They would flip a coin
But both sides the same
No fighting this fire
 Here to watch it burn
 Walking a wire
 We wait our turn

ZEN on the HighWay

                                                        Thinks this thin skin never enough overwhelming been feeling it too all the way through nerve-ending this kind of thinking keeps doing us in come back to begin watch something die start something new window is shrinking forever no time we have hope for the things we hate we really hope time is what it takes slowly ticking toward event horizon where no light escapes without purpose we all but slide across the surfacE.

                                                           Across the surface we all but slide without purpose where no light escapes event horizon slowly ticking toward time is what it takes we really hope the things we hate we have hope for forever no time window is shrinking start something new watch something die come back to begin keeps doing us in this kind of thinking nerve ending all the way through been feeling it too overwhelming never enough thinks this thin skiN.